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Kim Schultz

Kim Schulz – Our Fallen Team Mate

We are sad to announce that on March 6, 2011, Kim Schulz was involved in a serious vehicle collision, which caused her tragic death at the age of 42. The beloved wife of Rob Schulz and mother of Adam, Kim is survived by her parents Barbara and Warren Bayley, sisters Lisa Kenny (John) and Wendy Keruzore (Jeff Robinson) and brother Steve Bayley (Chrissy). The words genuine, sincere and caring have been used to describe Kim. Her line-mates say she was the best winger to play with; defensemen say she was determined; and goalies just called her “a pain in front of the net”. She will be dearly missed by her family, co-workers, friends and especially the women she played hockey with in the RWHL. We will always remember her as a greater hockey player and friend.

Click here for an article printed in the Toronto Star about Kim and her love of hockey titled “Mother killed in fire truck accident had ‘love affair’ with hockey” by Jim Wilkes.

On Saturday, March 12, 2011, the RWHL honoured Kim with a tribute and a moment of silence between games.

With members of her family and the women of the RWHL standing on the ice, the following poems were read in her honour:

We Raise Our Sticks by Kate Doyle  [Read by Jennifer MacLachlan]      

We raise our sticks and point the way

To the greatest game you’ll ever play

Where gleaming sheets of ice do lie

And pucks on whipping sticks will fly

Where double shifts you’ll work with ease

And slapshots, ‘Ha’ those are a breeze

You’ll perfect that deke and perhaps too

You’ll master that lacrosse move

You’ve seen the pros do

We raise our sticks in our salute

To you who loved the game so absolute

To an honourable foe and beloved teammate

We’ll ship your gear to Heaven’s gate

We cannot play in this new league

Our names aren’t on the roster sheet

But in the locker room you’ll see

Your name engraved for eternity

We raise our sticks and bow our heads

With heavy hearts our tears we’ll shed

But we’ll remember you Kim and stories fond

We’ll tell of you on that frozen pond

And hope that you too once in a while

In your own unforgettable style

Will cheer our passes and scoring plays

Just like you did in your earthly days

For The Love Of The Game by Teresa Lippai  [Read by Teresa Lippai]

You may have changed the color of your jersey

And even the logo on the front

But your passion for the game of hockey

Never wavered from the start

From shinny to classes and camps

Recreational to competitive games

Your love of the sport was shown not only through time

But the endless smile on your face

You went hard to the corners

Always battled strong in front of the net

Hanging high on the blue line

A well positioned winger you always worked hard to be

Your smile brought light to our change rooms

Your laugh brought a warmth to the rink

Pre game talks, post game laughs, and witty jokes that always made you think

At the sound of the whistle, one last game in the books

We now crowd the net and line the stands, while we watch your number get raised

And though your not on the ice, we know you won’t miss a shift

Because you play for the love of the game