Women's Hockey for the Young and Old

About Rexdale Women’s Hockey League

We’re a women’s hockey league where the young and old come together to play a bit of hockey and get to know each other.

Rexdale Women’s Hockey League plays Saturday nights in Rexdale at the Westwood Arena, 90 Woodbine Downs Blvd, Rexdale, Ontario, from September to March. Started in 1980, the RedaleWHL is a legacy league consisting of player ranging in skill levels from beginners to advanced, and some of the oldest (some would say wisest) players in all of Ontario. As with any league, we have simple principles:  Have fun, get to know new people, learn a little something and most of all, play some Great Hockey!

Read about one of our retired player, Irene Bryson, in the Toronto Star article publised 12 February 2008 by Garth Woolsey titled “At 78, Irene Bryson still plays hockey”http://www.thestar.com/Sports/article/302606

The Rexdale Women’s Hockey League is an OWHA registered league. To find out more about the OWHA, please visit http://www.owha.on.ca

We’re 38 years strong and looking forward to the next 38 years.

If you’re looking to join the league, just contact the President of the RWHL, Laura Healy, at (905) 790-0911, or email us at info@rexdalewhl.com